Shireen Amwer is very famous Cooking Expert in Pakistani culinary field. Shireen Anwar had an interest in cooking since childhood but she discovered her real talent after getting married where she pursued her passion in the culinary arts. She was born in 15, May 1954 in Karachi. Her early education was in Mama Parsi High School Karachi. Then after she takes B.Sc (Home Economics) & M.A (English) Degree from University of Karachi. She got married in 1976. Her husband is supported to culinary field.  Then after she went America in 1984 and she teach in “Western Foods Institute New York”. She got many award from Pakistan, UAE, America, and London. After 10 years she comes in Pakistan in start his Cooking activities. She also teaches in Karachi.     

Shireen Anwer has  27  years of culinary experience and two cook books to her name .She specializes in a wide variety of  food ranging from oriental to continental but she personally enjoys making  desserts and baking, spending time perfecting the art. Her personal goal is always to make things everyone can enjoy.

.She also started giving cooking classes which turned out to be a phenomenal success over the years. After 27 years she still has enthusiastic food lovers flocking her residence.

Her unwavering passion to create amazing recipes, her warmth and charisma has all lead to the huge success of the cooking show Masala Mornings on Masala TV.She now has an enthusiastic fan following in many parts of the world. She also brand ambassador of Malaysian Palm Oil, ManPasand Cooking Oil & National Food. She has also a boutique in Karachi.

When not working Shireen Anwer continues to live the life of a food fiend, hunting for new restaurants and spending time creating the newest recipes, or hosting family and friends to lunches and dinners.

Future Plan Institute for Chef Education
  • Well his future plan is to open an Institute for cooking which the education will be based on international standard.
  • Where theory and practical can be explained.
  • This plan can be approved by the Europe countries.
  • Even the chef from Europe will visit Pakistan so that they can tutor the students through their cooking method.
  • In this institute, there will be 3 sections.
  • First will be for 3 months.
  • Second for 6 months.
  • Last will be for 1 year.
  • Admissions will be given to those students who are willing to go forward and not for those who just apply this admissions for granted 

Personal Information:Learn SIMPLE, always to make things everyone can enjoy.

Shaireen Anwar is a celebrity chef, TV personality and culinary extraordinaire with vast Pakistani and International experience.

He currently hosts "Masal Mornings" live on MasalaTV every Monday to friday. Here he demonstrates delicious and healthy cooking while saving both MONEY and TIME.

In the past he has hosted also on Masala and appeared as a guest on various other shows & specials.